How to Count Your Calories for a Healthy Living

Eating healthy and counting calories are some basic health tips you need to have a healthy life. Let’s see what is meant by calorie counting and how you can do it.


A healthy diet is the most important factor to have a healthy life. However, only taking the healthy diet does not mean that you are having an optimal diet. You must take the quantity of diet into account, and counting your calories is the way to make sure that you are taking the right quantities of food. The following health tips will help you to easily count your calories and have a balanced diet.

You do not need a degree in mathematics to count your calories, however. A computer program, a website, or a smartphone app can do all the counting for you. You only need to tell them what you are eating. Surprisingly, when talking about calories, many people often ask what a calorie is. So, let’s start with this basic question and move towards counting your calories.

What is a calorie?

Without going into any technical detail, a calorie is a simple measure of energy you take with your food intake. As you measure a liquid in milliliters, you measure your energy intake in terms of calories.

How many calories should I take?

The number of calories you should take depends on many factors. First, it depends on your weight. Second, it depends on your body composition. For example, a 200-pound person with alean body will require more calories than a 200-pound person with lots of body fat.


Caloric need also depends on the level of activity. An athlete may require two times as many calories as a person with asedentary lifestyle. To find out your caloric requirements, search the internet for a website of software that can help you determine your caloric needs.

How do I know the number of calories I eat every day?

Many packed foods mention the caloric value on their labels. Furthermore, many websites and software programs exist that tell you the calories value of the food you eat.