How to Grow Nails Fast

How to Grow Nails Fast

Having long nails is a sign of elegance to many girls and women, but only a few succeed in growing nails. This is because not everyone following the right techniques. Bearing this in mind, we’ve highlighted some of the ways that will definitely help you grow nails faster. Let’s find out what you need to do to enjoy long nails:

How to Grow Nails Fast

Improve your diet

Consider consuming foods that promote nail growth. Biotin (Vitamin H) is considered the best nutrient for nail, skin and hair growth. You can consume it either through supplements or foods. Consuming 30 to 40 micrograms of Biotin a day is enough to ensure healthy nails. The best sources for biotin include but are not limited to: salmon, avocado, and bananas. You should also improve your intake of vitamin A, folic acid, and vitamin C to see better results in no time.

Try natural treatments for healthy nails

Don’t waste your money on expensive products and treatments claiming to offer magical results in less time. They do nothing but worsen your condition. Instead, you should try natural, herbal treatments. You can try lemon juice remedy. We all know that lemon is very high in vitamin C, which facilitates the growth of nails. It also helps ward off yellow nail stains and other nail problems.

All you need is to mix one tablespoon of lemon juice and three tablespoons of pure olive oil. Put this solution under the heat for about 20-second (you can also use microwave), and soak your nails in this solution for at least 10-minute. You’re supposed to do this every day regularly to get magical results.

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