Hair Schedule

Hydration, Nutrition and Reconstruction: See Product Tips to Set up Your Hair Schedule

The capillary schedule has become the darling treatment of many women who dream of healthy and beautiful threads. For this, several hair restoration and care products available at Bestkenko are used to meet all the needs of your hair fiber, with masks of hydration, nutrition and reconstruction used in turn. To help you with this care, we have prepared three types of customized timelines for each type of problem. Check out!

Hair Schedule

Meet the ideal products for a fine hair schedule

If you have the finest hair you should bet on lightweight products that do not weigh hair, leaving the wires oily and without movement. In order not to have an error, see our list with three suggestions:

Hair nutrition products – They deeply treat dryness in fine hair. The result is deeply nourished yarns, with a velvety touch and shine.

Hair moisturizing products – With formula enriched with glycerol and coconut oil, these products promote more softness and suppleness for dry and damaged wires.

Hair restoration products – Most of them are made with penetrating oils that help restore deep capillary fiber, they are ideal for hair with light damage and thinner diameter.

The hair care products of above category are all available at Bestkenko.

Discover the ideal products to care for dry or slightly damaged hair

Not all damaged hair is the same, in case of only one coloring or discoloration, for example, damages can be medium and not deep, which demands the use of specific products. Discover which masks to buy for a perfect capillary schedule:

Nutrition mast – This mask promotes deep nutrition and a more disciplined look for hairs with outstanding frizz and dryness. Its rich oil formula makes the wires softer with movement and shine.

Hydration mask – This mask guarantees a conditioning and strengthening of the cortex, thanks to IPN technology and Argan Oil, present in formula.

Reconstruction mast – Specific for medium damage hair, this mask acts within the hair fiber and has the perfect amount of ceramides and actives to renew the hair.

The masks of above groups are also available at Bestkenko.

Learn how to set up a hair schedule for highly damaged hair

In the case of wires that have been exposed to more than one type of damage, such as women who discolor and straighten hair, the hair fiber becomes over processed. To reverse this aspect, the capillary schedule with suitable products is a good option. Check out the product tips:

Nutrition products – Thanks to the high concentration of Argan Oil and Myrrh Extract present in formula, these product guarantees a deep nutrition in the hair fiber, with more shine and discipline.

Hydration products – Over processed hair usually has more frizz and rough touch, so moisturizing is very important. In addition, the result is softer and glossier yarns.

Reconstruction products – For a true hair resurrection, this mask completely renews the fiber to eliminate the damages and to return the nutrients and mass lost by the chemical processes.

Only a professional will know how to evaluate your hair fiber and indicate the most suitable products for your case.