Top Challenges Faced by Nursing Students When Writing Dissertations in the UK

Writing a dissertation can be especially difficult and challenging for nursing students in the UK. Not only do they have to balance their studies with clinical practice, but they are also faced with unique challenges that often make dissertation writing even more daunting.

Some common issues include limited time, inadequate research materials, lack of experience, and inadequate support. This article will discuss the challenges nursing students face when writing their dissertations in the UK, as well as some solutions for overcoming them.


One of the main challenges is time management. Nursing students often have clinical practice along with their studies, meaning they must balance both to succeed. In addition, they may be required to work full-time whilst studying or have other commitments that can interfere with their dissertation writing process. Therefore, it is essential for nursing students to plan their time carefully when taking on a dissertation project and approach the task in manageable chunks.

Another challenge is inadequate research materials. UK universities often do not provide enough resources for dissertation writing, meaning students must find their own materials to conduct a thorough research process. This can include both online and offline sources, such as journal articles, books, magazines, websites, etc. Finding the right materials can be time-consuming and difficult for nursing students – hence the need for effective time management.

Inadequate support is another common issue nursing students face when writing their dissertations. Nursing students are often required to work independently on their projects with little supervisor guidance. This can lead to feelings of isolation, frustration, and a lack of motivation. It is, therefore, important for nursing students to seek support from family, friends, and peers to stay motivated throughout the dissertation writing process.

For those nursing students who feel overwhelmed by the task of writing a dissertation, they may find help from a specialist team of professional writers such as nursing dissertation writing services UK. This can provide the help needed to ensure the successful completion of a dissertation project.