Top Home Gym For 2018

Top Home Gym For 2018

It is significant to share experiences and have a clear overview of what body building has contributed into our lives. It is also amazing to look back at what we used to look like before we discovered the great secret of body building. Earlier before I started body building, I was an average-bodied teenager. Life was good even though I was not obtaining much out of it. This is because there are numerous social, physical and mental things body building has contributed in my life. From the beginning, I have been focusing on Home Gyms and as a result purchasing different machines almost every year to improve my exercises.

General Overview of Home Gyms in 2018

Home Gyms exist depending on different brands such as Total Gym, Bowflex, Yukon Wolverine Multi-station gym, Marcy and Body Solid. Currently, they are the best home gyms 2018 that I purchased and realized their positive impact in my body. These home gyms are efficient because they provide a fine way to feel great and skyrocket general fitness while targeting on every group of muscle. With such gyms, I have been able to achieve these benefits at the comfort of my home. Based on your personal budget, you don’t have to spend a lot in order to own a great multi-functional home gym. There are different best home gyms 2018 with great and quality features.

Complete Body Building at Home

Having a body building routine at home is a great approach to ensure effective results in your physical exercise. With my personal machines, I don’t have to wait for my turn, wipe others sweat before using the machine, worry about those watching or pay a regular membership fee. At my home, I am able to perform different types of exercises using a single machine without time limit or other restrictions.

To acquire the best home gym in 2018 will mainly depend with your budget and ultimate goals. I suppose that the perfect home gym for your needs is definitely in the market. You can choose home gyms based on resistance bands, body weight and fashioned old plates. I have used different home gyms that vary in terms of quality, style and function. You can purchase the best home gym 2018 for low prices starting from $300.

The Best Home Gyms 2018 

Total Gym Force Home Gym

I have more than 20 years experience with this machine manufactured by Total Gym. In circumstances whereby other gyms get some little shake, Total Gym force remains strong as a rock. With approximately 350 lb weight, you will find it difficult to discover another gym that can compete with it. Based on the best home gym 2018, I discovered that Total Gym Force is priced competitively because of its operating efficiency and effectiveness.

Total Gym Force has; wing attachments, press leg bars, AbCrunch attachment, dip bars and leg pull that ensures that it operates properly. This Gym also comes with training materials such as Exercise flip chart, Program DVD and a full nutritional plan to suit your body building objectives.

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Before fixing this gym in the list of my best home gym 2018, I remembered my first days while at home. As a starter by then, I was able to adjust to 310 or 410 lbs of resistance. But based on what happened, I was only able to work with 301 lb appropriately. With Bowflex Blaze at home, I was able to practice 60 different exercises that played a huge role in improving my health and fitness. With this home gym, I was able to perform rows because it has sliding bench. Bowflex also gave me a longer warranty compared to other home gyms I found in the market.

Top Home Gym For 2018

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage System

The last 3 years when I purchased Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage System, I wanted to test my physical fitness with heavy weights and as a result boost my body building. To facilitate such exercise, this gym had adjustable catches and safety stoppers. After keeping it at home, I was able to enjoy different designs such as a peck deck station, high cable crossover and multi-purpose leg developer to increase satisfaction of your exercise. With its fixed cage, I was able to touch every part of my muscle therefore having a full control to help achieve my body building goals. It still remains the best home gym 2018.

Yukon Wolverine Multi-Station Gym

With Yukon Wolverine Multi-Station Gym, I was able to perform four basic workout positions and 27 different exercises at the comfort of my home. After purchasing I received a lifetime warranty for moving parts and the entire frame. I was able to perform exercises together with my family members because the squat bar had four height options. Yukon wolverine Multi-Station was a heavy and large machine that took much space in our exercise room. I ranked this machine among the best home gym 2018 because it can provide you with a healthy and wide range of fitness compared to other gyms.

To ensure that you obtain positive results in your body building routine, you should consider purchasing home gym based on the type of exercises you want, accessories and the type of resistance you want. Based on my personal experience, I recommend using the above best home gym 2018.