Did You Know These Rare Fruits Exist?

Did You Know These Rare Fruits Exist?

Fruits are so common and so loved that at times one does not even question how many there are in total. Yes, there are uncountable fruits, and there will be many of them that are never even seen. Has mankind discovered them all? Have you seen them all?

Here we have brought a list of rare fruits that you may not even know existed! You can be amazed, but yes this is the work of nature and you can call it, the art of nature. They are beautiful in their own ways.

Did You Know These Rare Fruits Exist?

Sharon Fruit

Sharon Fruit has a texture similar to that of a custard and seems to be a lookalike of a tomato when it comes to how it looks. But it is very rare in the sense that people have not tried it a lot, and some people even do not know it exists. It may be a mistaken for a tomato normally!

Star Fruit

Starfruit is a fruit that looks like a star! If you have young kids you can feed them these rare fruits and enjoy away their meals as they would throw no tantrums in having a fruit shaped like a star. Did you know it existed?

Prickly Pear

You may have had a pear multiple times however you may not have had a prickly pear. It may be called prickly but it does not prick very bad, we can guarantee you that! It looks like it and may scare you because it is not a very common one like guavas, or strawberries.


It has a sweet and sour flavor and it looks very tiny however has some good taste, it is not needed for a common fruit bowl and that is why some people have never seen it. Have you?

African Horned Cucumber

This one looks like a cucumber, hence the name, however you may never confuse it with a cucumber because there are notable differences.

Horned Melon

Horned Melon is just like a melon that in fact looks like it a lot but instead has horns on it, which can be a problem for a person who has an OCD! As the horns are very distracting.


We know this name sounds like a medical term, but for real it is a fruit! It is rare and hardly seen however it is great for your health, see if you can find it somewhere around you?

Dragon fruit

Dragon Fruit can always be such a treat. It is a fruit that is available since the start of time, but rarely. Have you seen it? It is great for skin, especially in COVID 19 times, it is great for your immunity.

Now start counting how many fruits you have actually seen and how many you have not! Then decide which one do you want to start with. We suggest start with some horned melon as personally we are finding it the most appealing. Good luck and happy eating!