What Are The 6 Symptoms Of Dehydration

What Are The 6 Symptoms Of Dehydration?

When the body loses excess water and fluids that it takes in, it results in dehydration. Even minor dehydration might result in headaches, lethargy, and constipation. Dehydration is simple to treat, but it can be risky if it isn’t treated on time. 

So how to tell when you are dehydrated? What are the 6 symptoms of dehydration that are often reported? Here are some of the common symptoms to keep in mind, so you can restore the condition before it’s late. 

What Are The 6 Symptoms Of Dehydration

1- Urine is of dark color 

The color of the standard urine should be a pale yellow tone, comparable to lemonade. If your urine has a darker tone, comparable to apple juice, it may suggest minor to moderate dehydration. Is there no urination at all? You’re probably terribly dehydrated. 

2- Dry skin

 Pinch the upper layer of the hand’s skin to observe what happens. If it goes slowly back, it means you’re moderately dehydrated. If your skin seems to clump together, you are very dehydrated. 

3- Fast breathing and heartbeat 

While exercising, it is normal to have an accelerated heart rate and fast breathing. Still, if the symptoms remain after you’ve settled down, it might be a sign of extreme dehydration. 

4- Lightheadedness, dizziness, confusion 

If you feel like you’re going to pass out at any minute, or if you’re confused about how you got somewhere or what you’re doing, you may be highly dehydrated. 

5- Chills and fever 

When the body does not contain normal fluids, it is difficult to maintain an average body temperature, leading to hyperthermia and fever-like symptoms such as chills. 

6- Unconsciousness 

If someone near you feels dizzy or overheated due to a high body temperature, they may be on the edge of passing out. Unconsciousness is caused by various circumstances, including low blood pressure, dizziness, etc. When combined with other indicators of dehydration, this might indicate a substantial fluid loss.

We recommend drinking enough water and trying pedialyte alternatives to solve dehydration issues.