Boomi Coffee Infographics - Crafting Perfect Cup

Top 4 Tips When Making Organic Instant Coffee

Tips To Follow For A Healthy Cup Of Organic Instant Coffee

Have you ever made organic instant coffee before? If you have never made instant coffee before, there are some things that you may want to know first. You can follow some tips to ensure that your coffee is perfect every time, as healthy as it should be, as safe as it should be, and as delicious as it is intended to be.

Boomi Coffee Infographics - Crafting Perfect Cup

If you would like to make the best cup of instant coffee, Boomi Coffee has got you covered. These are four tips that you should be aware of when making organic instant coffee:

  • Only Use Water

  • Use Milk As Alternative

  • Add Sweeteners Only If You Need

  • Use Ingredient Ratio On Package

Only Use Water

When you are going to make organic instant coffee, the first tip that you should follow is that you should only use water. With organic instant coffee being organic and made from 100% natural ingredients at Boomi Coffee, it is best to stick with using only water if you are looking to reap the benefits that it has. If you are looking for a healthy drink alternative, organic coffee is your best bet! You will not have to worry about dozens of ingredients that you have never heard of because you will know exactly what is in it.

Use Milk As Alternative

If you would like a creamier texture and lighter taste, you can also use milk instead of water if you wish. While not everyone prefers milk, it is always an option. Be sure to measure so that you add the correct amount, similar to the water that you would be adding.

Add Sweeteners Only If You Need

If you do not love the taste of the organic instant coffee that you purchased or if you prefer a lighter taste, you can also add sweeteners if you wish. For example, you can add a different dairy product, cream, sugar, or another sweetener of choice. By doing this, you will be able to replicate the exact taste that you look for when you make any other coffee at home.

Use Ingredient Ratio On Package

When you are making a cup of Boomi Coffee, you should use the exact amount of ingredients that we share in the instructions on the packaging. If you do not follow the instructions for how much to add of each ingredient, you can end up with watery coffee or coffee that is too concentrated.

On top of this, you will not want to have too much caffeine over the suggested amount. You may end up having more than the recommended amount per day as the company will have this worked out in the ingredients.

At Boomi Coffee, we share the amount of each thing that needs to go into making the perfect cup of organic instant coffee. To make your perfect cup of Boomi instant coffee, you will want to add 1 teaspoon of coffee to your mug, followed by 6 fl oz of water.