How to Get an Hourglass Figure

How to Get an Hourglass Figure

Struggling to get in shape? Have you tried everything to reduce your waist? No worries, you are at the right place. Getting a perfect body is not impossible; all you need is to show a firm commitment to stick to a positive, healthy lifestyle. There’s no weight loss product or treatment available out there that can make you slim overnight. Most of them do nothing but worsen your situation. So, trying natural ways is the best thing one can do to deal with obesity. The following tips will help you shed pounds and get an hourglass figure:

How to Get an Hourglass Figure

Try yoga

Yoga is the best option when it comes to reducing your waist. You may try yoga poses such as Boat Pose, Reverse Warrior, and Bow Pose. These poses can tighten, tone, and activate your deep core body muscle. A research conducted on 60 women showed that 10 weeks of regular yoga practice resulted in a loss of 1.5-inch around the waist. If yoga is all Greek to you, you can watch videos on the internet to buy a yoga book from your nearby book store to brush up on your yoga knowledge.

High-intensity interval training 

According to a study conducted by a veritable source, high-intensity interval training or HIIT can go a long way toward blasting belly fat and burning a lot of calories. This form of exercise requires you to perform short bursts of intense workout, followed by a small rest period. For instance, you can do 20 seconds of intense running, followed by 10 seconds of walking. 

Tone your hips

Work on the muscles in and around the hips to achieve an hourglass body shape. The following exercises have been shown to be effective in shaping the muscles of hip and thigh: squats, lunges, fire hydrants, etc.