How to Become a Fitness Success Story

How to Become a Fitness Success Story

I am often asked, “What is the your best fitness client success story?”

What really determines success?  While one person lost over 100 pounds of fat, another stacked on 20 pounds of muscle.  One person fulfilled their goal of competing in a figure competition, but others ran marathons, fifty mile, and 100 mile runs.  Some made huge drops in their cholesterol level, but another improved his vertical by 6 inches.  I have seen a huge range of goals over the years.  While many people are looking to work off bad weight, others want to get toned, improve cardiovascular fitness, become bigger and stronger, gain confidence, learn how to exercise, build healthy eating habits, rehabilitate an injury, and the list goes on and on.

How to Become a Fitness Success Story

In reality, how can I judge success when the goals are not mine?  Only my clients can define their personal success.

From a coaches point of view, I love the process of pursuing the goal.  I feel privileged to take part in this process and observe ordinary people accomplish tasks they never thought they could.  Every day, I see people do things someone say they couldn’t or shouldn’t.  I believe everyone has tremendous potential, because they prove me right all the time.  There is no better success story than watching someone’s self belief grow. I see this kind of fitness success in my classes all the time at

What is the difference between my health and wellness clients who learn the sweetness of success and those who struggle in their daily toils?  I believe what holds most people back from living a success filled life, specifically with regard to health and fitness, is the fear of failure.  This fear can be paralyzing and suffocating.  It makes many people live a life filled with stagnation, excuses, and hope for a short cut.

Fear of failure is closely linked to trying something new, different, or challenging.  Those living in fear of failure often avoid these situations at all cost and often seek the easy way.  The easy way hides in the shadows of jealousy and the feeling of being stuck.  The easy way takes pills, follows the next fad diet, and practices denial.  The easy way says, “It isn’t possible because of my genetics, my work schedule, my family. I gain too much muscle when I work out.  My Knees hurt.” This list of excuses driven by fear of failure is endless.

I believe everyone of these people who take the easy way, out of fear of failure, have the same potential for success as anyone else.  They just don’t see themselves this way… yet.  We just need to create a perspective change because there is nothing to fear when we try to make ourselves better than yesterday.  There is nothing more noble than personal growth.  Sure, in the beginning, we may fear feeling uncomfortable.  We may care way too much about what other people think about our goals.  But the reality is, we all spend most of our time focused on our own struggles.

When we commit to a healthier lifestyle, we are already successful at recognizing our need and setting that goal.  When we pursue improved fitness and eating habits, we are successful at joining a positive and meaningful crowd.

If you are struggling with your fitness goals, I assure you, you can feel better.  You can gain confidence.  You can be successful. If you really feel like you’ve hit a wall, seek out some professional guidance or going a fitness class to open you up to a whole new level of support!