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How To Take Care Of The Face – Skin Care Tips

The skin of the face is one of the most sensitive, so it needs special and very specific care. These cautions help slow aging by keeping younger, healthier and more beautiful skin longer. Therefore, we will show in this post how to take care of the face.

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Innovative Aesthetics

Create a skin care routine

The first step is to establish a skin care routine. Going for spa care is also a good skin care routine. It is important that the application of moisturizing, innovative aesthetics, cleansing and protective products is daily and constant. For example, the use of sunscreen and chemical peels treatment is essential at any time of the year and therefore it should be worn every day.

Identify what your skin type is

To buy the right products for you, you first need to know what your skin type is. It can be dry, oily or mixed and this will define not only the type of product you should use but also which products are needed to keep your skin looking younger and more beautiful.

Innovative Aesthetics

Use specific products

Face products should be specific to this region. For example, washing your face with the body soap you use is a practice that should be eliminated. Purchase products that are specific to your face region and according to your skin type.

It is also interesting to provide specific products for the most sensitive areas of the face. For example, the region near the mouth and eyes usually has the thinnest skin, so much so that they are the first places where expression lines develop. Botox is a professional treatment to get rid of expression lines.

There are specific products that can be used at home. If you want more intense care, it is best to go to the dermatologist.